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Find the perfect design for your pet

An advanced ID tag with special features that actually help to get your missing pet found and safely back home (read more)

It’s simple and it really, really, works



The Pod

A waterproof, lightweight and comfortable capsule-
an alternative or useful addition to your blanket ID tag.


Lounge. Relax. Sparkle.

Our super comfortable Lounge Collars allow your
pet to wear visible ID at all times.

Would you like to design your own collar to suit your pet’s personality?


The blanket Fund for Animals

A portion of every membership goes to support
The blanket Fund for Animals or your chosen rescue.


Extra Peace of Mind – FREE with every order!

Home Alone Cards

protect your pets. help others.

Together we can get more lost pets found and safely back home


Protect your pets. Help Others.

Please join us to receive lost pet alerts in your community. Together we can get more lost pets found and safely back home.

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