About blanket ID

Here's the huge problem

Most of us can't imagine losing our pets, but research proves that around 1 in 3 pet owners will lose their pet at some time.

It's obvious, but without up to date ID their owners can't be found. With no way to make it back home, some of these pets end their days lost in overcrowded shelters and become forgotten among the 8 MILLION or more animals that are euthanized every year.

Most of us are shocked to learn that, due to sparse resources and lack of space, some animals will be killed just 72 hours after arriving at a shelter. Today and every day, more than 10,000 healthy animals will die scared and alone.

Here's something to remember the next time you look at your pet: A staggering 90% of lost pets wearing visible ID are returned to their owners - likewise a staggering 90% without ID are never ever seen again.

A simple and effective solution

We created a better way to make sure that your pet could be identified and returned home quickly and safely; an ID tag that would hold details online and never be out of date, together with a simple system that could immediately alert shelters, pounds, animal control, SPCA and any other local members with details and a photo of a missing pet.

Then, we made it even better; we added tools to print your own lost posters and flyers, GPS mapping of where pets were reported found and even the option to report your pet as Stolen (it happens more often than you think!).

Then we put the idea to work. By adding a small annual fee to the tag (less than $1 per month), we created a way for everyone to give a little back. We even provide a way for our members to choose which organization they would like their support to go to.

Thanks to our fantastic members, since 2009 we have been able to help over 100 organizations that make the world a better place.

Can you be part of our vision?

You don't even need to buy a tag, please just sign up to be notified of missing animals in your area. If you join our growing network of animal lovers you will be made aware by email of any missing pets in your local area. The more people looking out for a lost or stolen pet, the greater the chance it will be quickly found and safely home again.

If everyone gave their pets proper VISIBLE ID, they could be returned directly to their owners and not take up precious shelter space and resources. Shelters will have fewer pets to deal with, and therefore have more space for those animals that really need it. More space equals less euthanasia of healthy animals.

If you choose a blanket ID for your pet's tag you make sure that whoever finds your pet has all the information they need to calm, care for, and safely return your friend to you. Every year that you keep your blanket ID you will be directly helping organizations that care for those sick, injured and homeless animals that simply have no one else.

Please join us to be part of this simple, effective and growing solution: Together we can make a difference.

Report your pet missing

Please login to your account and select the "Report Lost or Stolen" link below the photo of your pet. Then follow the process to send your email broadcast.

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Report your pet found

Please login to your account, go to your 'My Pets' page and select the "Report Found" link below the photo of your pet. This will let everyone know that your furry friend is home safe and sound.

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Buy a replacement tag

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A replacement tag costs $12.99 and any membership remaining from the tag that you are replacing is transferred to your new tag. Your account is automatically updated with your new tag number and you do not need to enter any information again.

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Renew your membership

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