Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the blanket ID service work?

Your blanket ID tag will work anywhere in the world. If anyone finds your pet wearing its blanket ID tag they can enter the number at and find all the information you have stored about how to care for and safely return your pet. Currently our broadcast email service only covers Canada and The United States.

What’s so different about a blanket ID tag?

Other tags only help when someone has found your pet. A blanket ID tag has special features that actually help your pet get found (email alerts, posters etc). When your pet is protected with a blanket ID tag, anyone finding it has 24/7 access to your contact information with photos and important details about your pet. If you report your pet lost in Canada or The United States, blanket ID will automatically notify the places where it might be taken to.

We are the only ID service that specifically helps when a pet is stolen.

What happens if my pet goes missing?

Just log into your account and report your pet lost or stolen. We will immediately send a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal shelters, hospitals, and other local blanket ID members. This email contains a link to your pet’s online profile. This broadcast service covers Canada and The United States.

How do you inform the shelters etc and how many are there?

The lost pet broadcast is issued immediately by email and you will receive details on which shelters and hospitals have been contacted. We will also notify other blanket ID members in your local area. This service covers Canada and The United States.

What if my pet goes missing without its collar and tag?

When you report your pet missing, the broadcast email that gets sent contains a link to your pet’s online profile and photo. Now people can see actual photos of your pet to help identify it even if it’s found without its collar and tag.

How is this better than other forms of id i.e microchips and tattoos?

By keeping an online profile, your pet can easily be identified using the blanket ID number on the tag. Microchips are invisible and require a special reader to identify the animal. Tattoos and Microchips are of no use to a member of the public who finds your pet and you must depend on them taking your animal to a suitable place to trace your address, which must be up to date. Unlike microchips and tattoos, your information at is easy to update and change.

Why do you say this is the only tag I’ll ever need to buy?

If you change your address or phone number, you simply need to change your information online at – unlike traditional ‘static’ information tags, your blanket ID tag never needs to change.

How big are blanket ID tags?

Our tags are available in two sizes: Small tags measure 15mm X 25mm and large tags measure 18mm x 26mm. They are comfortable for all size pets from cats and small dogs to larger animals.

Can I transfer my blanket ID tag to another pet

Yes, simply change the pet profile details online.

How much does the service cost?

The price of a blanket ID tag includes your first year’s membership. When you register your tag online you can choose to extend your membership and lower your annual cost to as low as $7.00 per year. A large portion of every membership supports animal welfare organizations.

What happens when my membership runs out?

If you do not select an automatic renewal, we will contact you to remind you when its time to renew.

What happens when I buy a blanket ID tag online?

Your tag is sent to you by normal post and contains instructions on how to activate your tag and enter your pet’s details.

Do you keep my credit card details?

No. we do not capture or store your credit card details. When you purchase online you are connected directly to the company that handles your credit card transaction, by a secure encrypted connection. If you choose an automatic renewal, your card details are held securely at the credit card processing company and not at blanket,

Will the blanket ID tag last?

All blanket ID tags are 100% made in North America from quality materials and are lightweight, noiseless, waterproof, scratch resistant and can stand up to a lifetime of normal wear and tear. They are covered by a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

How does my purchase help other pets?

A portion of every membership fee is passed to the organization of your choice or to our own fund, The Blanket Fund for Animals. Donations from The Blanket Fund are distributed to various animal welfare organizations in the areas in which the funds were raised. If you are an organization that could benefit from our help, please contact us so that we can add you to our database.

Report your pet missing

Please login to your account and select the "Report Lost or Stolen" link below the photo of your pet. Then follow the process to send your email broadcast.

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Report your pet found

Please login to your account, go to your 'My Pets' page and select the "Report Found" link below the photo of your pet. This will let everyone know that your furry friend is home safe and sound.

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Buy a replacement tag

Please login to your account, go to your 'My Tags' page, and then select the 'Buy a Replacement Tag' link below the picture of the tag that you want to replace.

A replacement tag costs $12.99 and any membership remaining from the tag that you are replacing is transferred to your new tag. Your account is automatically updated with your new tag number and you do not need to enter any information again.

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Renew your membership

Please login to your account, go to your 'My Tags' page and select the "Renew / Add Membership" link below the photo of your tag.

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Change your email address

Please login to your account and change your email address in the relevant section of your Account Dashboard.

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Change your login name

Please login to your account and change your Login Name in the relevant section of your Account Dashboard

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Change your password

Please log in to your account and request to change your Password in the relevant section of your Account Dashboard. A 'reset password' link will be emailed to you at the address shown in your Account Dashboard.

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