Choose from two sizes – same price!sizesmall-tag-sizing

Small tag

Perfect for cats and small dogs.
Size: 2.5cm x 1.5cm
Weight: 6 grams (1/4 oz) your pet won’t even know it’s there!













Large tag

Perfect for larger dogs.
Size: 2.6cm x 1.8cm
Weight: 9 grams (3/8 oz)
that’s as light as two 25 cent pieces!









The Pod

Perfect for any size pet.
Size: 2.5cm x 1.0cm
Weight: 2 grams

Waterproof paper carries your contact details
and your blanket ID number.

The Pod size


Rubit Clips

If you change your tags between collars,
you’ll find this really handy!

Large size: 2.8cm x 1.8cm
Weight: 2 grams

Small size: 2.5cm x 1.5cm
Weight: 1 gram